Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Only you

To Cricket, my little crow: You are over 7 months old now! You have grown so fast and you are curious and lovely. Your have fur so soft that when I touch it it's like touching air. It's completely black except for a tiny spot on you belly, and it anoys me that the camera can't be as clever as my eyes and see how perfectly cool and pretty you are.Your paws and you nose are the cutest things there is.

You like to wake me up way too early by washing my hair and giving me cat-kisses on my face. When I try to work at the computer or draw something with a pen and paper you like to be on the paper or on the keyboard. It's just a little bit frustrating... Otherwise you like to hang out on the window sills. Or just on my chest when I watch TV. In general you like to be in the same room as me, and I love that, except when I try to clean.

You make funny noises - I read somewhere that that's one of the things that makes the Maine Coon special - the chirping noises you can do. You mostly make them when you are bored and want attention. When you feel abandoned - like when I'm in the shower - you MEOW really loud.

There used to be two little cats in our house, but now there's only you. Because one day your brother was just too sick and I had to take him to the vet and when I came back he wasn't with me and we were so sad. I think you looked for him for a while. But you have me and I have you and we'll be fine.

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