Thursday, 10 January 2013

App App and Away!

I didn't come up with any concrete New Years-resolutions this year, other than the standard I'm-going-to-get-better-at-everything kind of deal that I usually go for. That does of course include exercising more (or at all), eating food instead of candy for dinner and not to sleep in as much. You know. My dear A always mock me this time of the year since I tend to live up to my new plans for a couple of weeks and then slowly go back to normal. I do however stick to the opinion that what I'm doing is sound, since if I didn't set up high goals I would just continue getting more and more bad habits. Instead now I think I end up at pretty much the same level at the end of every year.
What makes this year so unlike all others (bear with me) is that I found new strategies. I'm taking the advantage of technology in the form of a couple of apps I've downloaded to my phone, and that so far have helped keeping me on the right track! Here are some of them, that I recommend:
  • "Wake up Light" that I connect to my new sunrise-alarmclock (Philips Wake up Light) makes waking up so much nicer, with lights, music and no concern that the phone has been discharged over night 
  • "Closet" where I keep pretty much my whole closet organised and can plan outfits. I know. It's crazy. But surprisingly useful and time saving in the mornings
  • I do a little bit of exercise each morning coached by "Sworkit Pro". I admit I sometimes cheat but it's better than nothing
  • in "OurGroceries me and A synchonice our shopping lists, which help in those moments in the store where I just want to buy lollipops and pizza
Cricket inspecting the new Wake Up Light that gets me up in the mornings

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