Sunday, 27 January 2013

come on spring, I'm waiting!

I took a stroll in our garden the other day. Or, to be honest, I took a couple of long strides in our backyard, because if you take a couple more than a couple you'll end up at our neighbours, but anyway. I took good look at the tiny area that I have to work with to create our urban oasis and I just can't wait for it to get a little bit warmer! I have big plans! Or at least mediums sized, you know, considering the space... We have already spend one summer in this house, but we didn't really focus on the outside part of it then, so I pretty much replanted some of the stuff I had on the old balcony plus randomly buying some pretty plants just to do something. This year I'm going to get seriously organised though... here's a list of some of the outside-projects for the coming months:
  • paint the concrete part of the wall/fence to our neighbour
  • paint the fence
  • build a deck
  • construct some sort of pergola or rail to hide the compost
  • plant a large rose to climb on the wall next to the mailbox
  • rearrange the garden patch
  • create a hanging garden on the fence
Oh, I can't wait! But I have to, since it's cold and snowy outside. As we all await these exciting times, here's the state of the garden as of today.

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