Saturday, 12 January 2013


  As a part of my new-years resolution I've decided to start to cook more. Since I eat by myself most weekdays and definitely don't like spending time in front of the stove I've ended up eating cookies and candy for dinner a few times to many the last few months, so I figured it was time for a change. And did I start off ambitiously or what?! I found two soup recipes on-line that sounded tasty and where some of the ingredients where the same so I could be effective and double-chop so to speak. I changed the recipes a bit as I went, so this is what I ended up with:

Soup 1 - Thai inspired chicken-soup
1 large chicken filet
1/2 red chilli
1 tbs fresh ginger
4 dl water
chicken stock, 2 cubes
400 ml coconut milk
some lime-juice

How to: Fry the chicken with ginger and chilli.  Boil the water with a stock cube. Add cocnutmilk and add lime juice. Add the chicken.
Result: The cocnut milk curdled a bit, and I think I added a bit too much water, but the taste was good!

Soup 2 - Spicy sweet-potato soup
800 g sweet-potato
400 ml coconut milk
4 dl water with chicken stock, 2 cubes
1/2 red chilli
1 tbs fresh ginger

How to: Dice the sweet potato and put in the oven for 20 min on 200 degrees. (Celsius!!!) Boil the coconut milk and add the stock. Add the sweet potato and use one of those hand-held mixer-thingys to make it smooth. Add water until the consistency is as you'd like it.
Result: really creamy and good! Nice level of spicyness

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