Thursday, 21 February 2013

Bedroom window

Some details from the bedroom. New curtain from Åhlens, it doesn't make it completely dark at night but the light that comes through only creates the illusion if a tree outside so that's only fine. My mother used to have the cream coloured dresser in her room when she grew up, it's real vintage IKEA if I remember correctly! Next to it there's a teak magazine holder, that I found at a flea market here in Stavanger last summer.

In the window I keep some books that are waiting to be read, a photo from Jessica Silversaga and some extra cat food in a glass jar. On the dresser I keep a radio for when I get dressed in the morning. There's also two bowls with wooden lids from Systrene Greene where I store jewellery and a larger one from Bolia for our watches.

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