Thursday, 7 February 2013

easy peasy recipe

Fast and easy, that's how I like my food. And only my food, mind you. This is a dish I do every once in a while, and I always try to have the ingredients in my fridge if I should feel the urge for it. And since you only need five ingredients that's not particularly tricky. So, without further ado - this is how you do the terrific tuna-burgers! For two burgers you'll need:
- can of tuna in water
- half a package of cream cheese
- some red onion, about 2 tbs should be enough add more if you like
- dill
- hamburger-bread

Shop the onion, mix with the other ingredients in a bowl and put the mixture in the hamburger bread. Fry the whole thing in a frying pan - on low heat!!! - until it's done. Can't be any more specific than that - I always burn the bread. Always. Without exception. I guess I'm just a tiny bit impatient. But it still tastes good.

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