Friday, 15 February 2013

Eye see

Apparently I've got eye problems. The most obvious one is my near sightedness that is so stylishly solved by my glasses, but there's another one, one that has been bothering me for years and which I'm now finally getting around to fixing. The muscles in my eyes are not strong enough to help me focusing on a long distance, especially when I've been reeding or working on the computer. This results in me seeing two if everything. Not a good thing when you're driving for example! So now I've signed up for a training program with my optician. You know how some people get "PTs" a.k.a personal trainers to get them fit? Well, I've got myself a visual trainer now, so I'll refer to him as my VT from now on! Mostly I'm just going to do exercises at home in front of the computer and them I'll go on check ups with my VT once every two weeks or so. In 12-13 weeks I hope to have really well toned eyes and one less eye problem.

My gear.

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