Thursday, 14 February 2013

kitchen mood

I'm starting with a small painting project in the kitchen today, so I felt it was time that I shared my kitchen mood board so ya'll can get an idea what I'm working towards. When we moved in here we discussed if we were going to invest in a complete remodelling of the kitchen or if we would try to do the best with what was already there. We ended up doing the latter, more or less. This has resulted in some compromises and what's there today isn't exactly my dream kitchen (e.g no chessboard-tiles on the floor, no mint green Smeg fridge or chrome detailing...) but it's a great mixture of old and new, and the rooms feels like it fits pretty nicely with the overall style of the house.

Image source: picture one, picture two, picture three, picture 4
So, here's the inspiration, I'll be back soon (after the paint-job is done and there's been a nice sunny day for photos) with the actual result!

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