Thursday, 7 March 2013

flying high

Flying... It's not my favourite thing in the world. I'm not overly fond of the beeing-in-the-air part but it's the take offs and landings that are truly stressful, especially with turbulence. So when my boss asked me if I could facilitate a workshop in a town in the northern part of Norway where I'd have to fly I wasn't thrilled but hey, a person has to do what a person has to do. I even suggested that we should try to go there and back in the same day, because I prefer to sleep at home. Little did I know...  The meeting was yesterday, and we left from Sola Airport at 8.05am, and return at 23.50 and in between I got to see 4 other airports - seven take offs and landings all included! And there were some frigging awful turbulence up north that I got to experience in a small propeller-driven aircraft. It was really terrifying, but I'm glad I got to do it: "normal" flying seems so easy now!

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