Sunday, 3 March 2013

Reaching higher

Guess what I've been up to this weekend?

Climbing! Me and A and a group of people from his work to a course in preparation for the climbing certificate - Brattkortet at SiS.. This certificate proves that you have the required safety knowledge to be allowed to use climbing walls all over Norway. We've been practising climbing, of course, but mostly focusing on belaying - that is to be the person securing the rope on the ground. It's a bit scary to hold someone else's well-being in your slightly sweaty palms...

It's been two pretty challenging days, but fun too, and besides really tired arms and ruined nails I feel great about it. It's a good feeling to put yourself in new situations and mastering them. I'm pretty sure I wont be a climbing-pro any time soon, but I'll definitely do it again.

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