Monday, 22 April 2013

A really awesome spring Sunday

Today has been a pretty sucky day so instead I think back on yesterday, the first real spring day here in Stavanger! After a not so very healthy brunch and some time cleaning in the garden put on a spring-y outfit and met up with E to explore Garage Sale Sunday in our neighbourhood. I found some good stuff, but the best find was all thanks to E. She noticed a man putting out a park bench on the side walk to give away for free! And we so needed a park bench for the garden! Me and E carried the thing all the way home, luckily we could sit down and rest every once in a while. we then tested it for a while in the garden with some coffee and cake. Great stuff!

Sunny Stavanger
E, Nemo and the Bench
Me and my other finds: a Paris illustration and an Orla Kiely dress

Love this print

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