Friday, 5 April 2013

Aberdeen shopping

This Easter Holliday and our Aberdeen trip kind of snuck up on me. The only thing I had planned for was what to wear for the wedding that was the reason for us going there at all. A's colleague was getting married and we both got invited, yay! We decided to make a weekend out of this event and arrived two days before the wedding in Aberdeen. I've never been there before so we spent a day walking around and doing some shopping. 

in a pretty changing room, trying on a pretty blouse (and bought it)
 A must when we go to UK is to make a stop at Waterstones and buy books, since I don't really enjoy reading in Norwegian and English books are quite expensive in Stavanger.

Heaven - I mean Waterstones' fantasy-section
Coffee break at M&S
I had also googled for vintage clothing shops in the city, another thing that I miss in Stavanger, and we were successful in finding both of the ones I wanted to go to! I ended up buying a vintage necklace and a 60's handbag. Great!

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