Sunday, 7 April 2013

Living with cats - the wake up calls

Most nights my two furry housemates are really easy to live with. It's all sunshine and rainbows. We cuddle up together, usually Hugo sleeps somewhere around my pillow and Cricket at my knees. It's all good, they're soft and warm and purring. But then there are those nights - like tonight- when they get this crazy need for attention, all night long. My two friends have very different but equally annoying was of trying to get my attention, where Hugo is the aggressive one that starts biting anything that moves under the cover. Plus he runs around using me as a spring board. Right now he's pretty small and none of this actually hurt, but I can see how it can become an issue when the kitty has become a full grown cat. I mean, a Main Coon male can weigh up to 10kg! Cricket on the other hand, my delicate little flower... She goes for the lovingly approach and wants to give me kitty kisses. There she comes, stalking up the bed and starts head-butting me with nose breaking force, trying to lick my hair in between. Oh, and there might be the occasional nibble of ears. And if you try to avoid her cold little nose by hiding under the covers she can damn well find any tiny air hole you've created to worm here self into.
Of course it's all playful and sweet. And I still adore them in the morning.

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