Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Our long awaited trip to Istanbul was this weekend. Oh my, that's a lovely city. And what a great place to spend time with with family, eat (not always so good food) at amazing restaurants and visit beautiful mosques and other fantastic buildings. We lived quite close to the shopping street Istiklal, in an area with a lot of small and exotic antique shops. It's too bad it's so hard to transport stuff back home, otherwise it would have been real fun to browse through those stores... we also did some "modern" shopping, visiting the shopping mall Kanyon where I bough some lovely shoes. Mostly we spent time in the old city, doing all of the touristy things that you have to do while visiting Istanbul.

The Blue Mosque
The Basilica Cisterns

Medusa in the cisterns
Topkapi palace

Me, enjoying the warmth and the need for sunglasses!

The spice-bazaar
me in the Suleyman mosque

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