Wednesday, 29 May 2013


A while ago I got problems with my right hand after working a lot in front of the computer. My fingers started getting numb and my wrist ached. Since that's no good, I got an ergonomic, vertical computer-mouse. Apparently the vertical grip is more natural than the horizontal. Sounds logical. Anyway, I think that helped a bit! After a while I started getting the numbness again, and now I've been trying to use my left hand as well, when working. It doesn't work as well with precision drawing, but surfing, working in Excel and so on works fine. As I now need two "mice" at my workstation (the vertical one only works for the right hand) I was extra happy when my brother got me this pretty blue one as a gift! Stylish every-day items makes the every-day more glamorous, and that's never bad.

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