Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My birthday

On the 19th of May 2013 I turned 30. Wooot wooot! I got celebrated by A with breakfast, cake and gifts in bed - the best way to start a day in my opinion. It should happen every day. I'm just saying. Among other amazing things I got this cream coloured satchel from Cambridge Satchel Company. I've been wanting one forever and this one is just perfect!

Don't worry mom, the red colour is getting less intense every time I wash it!

In the evening I had some friends over for a very child-inspired party. It was fun, colourful and ended reasonably early, just as I like it! Here's my inspirationboard on pinterest for this little get-together.

Candy and cake table. The cake is a gift from the always amazing E. She rocks.

Me and a couple of my lovely friends, C and T, representing France and Finland

Cake! Dress from Topshop, and down to the left you can see my hair-inspiration for the night.

It's impossible not to start playing with balloons once you have some in a room
We were so incredebly lucky with the weather this weekend. It was above 25 degrees and sunny. So we had to go out in the garden and play a bit too.

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