Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My new BFF

Today I'm having a bit of a crappy day. It started with me falling down the stairs on my way down to the kitchen in the morning, and I guess it continued pretty much more downhill after that. My toe is blue and my back hurt a lot... So instead of thinking about today I'm going to focus (hehe, you'll get the pun soon...) on something more fun!

This is my new camera. I got it as a birthday present from my dear mum, dad and brother and as soon as I started using it I just wanted to take pictures of everything again. My old camera got damaged when I dropped in on asphalt half a year ago in Holland and the quality of my pictures really worsened after that. Lately I've used my iPhone more than my Nicon. Anyway my new camera is a Nicon D7000 and its awesome. I'm no camera pro at all, but the difference is in some ways so big. Light sensitivity is so much better, and I can record videos! Since it's a Nicon like my old one, my lenses are compatible but my all round lens is damaged too, so when we were in Istanbul (that's when I got the camera) I gave myself a birthday gift- a used 17-70mm Sigma lens. My new set works like a charm, now I just have to start learning more about it and taking it for some photo-walks. How about it K?

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