Thursday, 30 May 2013


As I'm writing this, it 6:40 pm and I'm sitting in the backyard of our house, basking in the sun. The garden is done! I mean, a garden is constantly an ongoing project if there ever was one, but all of the major projects are finished, I have cleaned up and there are blooming flowers and greenery all over the place. It's fabulous.
Our backyard is well shielded from wind, but we get a lot of sun. Some if the neighbours can look down on us from their balconies but that's fine, more important is that it's out if sight from the street.
As I sit here I can hear harmonica music from a radio, someone coughing as they walk by on the street and the distant noise of traffic. I can imagine sitting here with A just reading, or weeding in the garden patch or barbecuing with friends, every day after work the coming months. As long as the weather is OK, I think this summer can be a really good one. 

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