Monday, 6 May 2013

Sunday in the sun

So today I've spent almost every minute outside. The weather has been pretty good and I can even feel my face being a little hot right now so I guess I caught some sun! Me and A have been working hard spring-cleaning the garden and doing all the prep-work before painting the fence. Our white picketed fence...
My main task was to scrub the garden furniture. we had almost given up on the and planned to buy new ones, but after some scrubbing we realized that we can keep these. I don't have an after picture because I didn't finish it all, but it's really not bad what a bit of elbow-grease can do! I did however take a short break to go hang out at E's place for a while, to play Uno and eat home baked cookies... Perfect!
Now me and A are off to see Iron Man III, I've longed for this one!!

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