Sunday, 16 June 2013

restyled, redesigned or remade - a weeklong outfit post

I've spent a couple of evenings this week mending the clothes in my "out of commission"-bag. This is where I put clothes that has been torn, has lost a button or that I want to alter in some way. I usually wait until this (pretty big) bag is full until I get around to fixing the stuff in there, so it's always a nice surprise to find clothes I forgot that I even owned! This time I took the chance to also alter some other stuff that has been hanging in my wardrobe but not getting the use they deserved for some reason or other. I ended up with a bunch of "new" clothes to play with in this weeks outfits!

Monday: These pants (from H&M) used to be about 10cm longer and for a person of normal height they would be "capri-length". On me they were almost long enough to be normal pants. I've had them for years, but now I finally got too tired of the weird length and cut them off. So much better!

Tuesday: This grey blouse (from Weekday) used to be a dress. I tore the fabric beyond repair and had to chose between throwing it away or altering it. This is the result, mixed with a belt and cardigan from H&M and a skirt from Mango.

Wednesday: I loved this faux leather skirt from Monki from first sight, but it didn't get enough use since it was an awkward length for me. Heh, that happens a lot! Anyway. I cut off about 15 cm. After some struggling in the sewing machine I had to finish hemming this by hand, but it turned out pretty great. Here it's worn with a cardigan from Zara, shoes, top and tights from I don't remember where.

Thursday: Another dress turned blouse. This one I actually altered years ago, and still use quite a lot. The dress had a really low waste that didn't work with my body-type (short torso...) but I liked the color and details. Today I paired it with this summer-y skirt from H&M and vintage necklace.

Friday: This might be my favourite this week, and it was such a small yet slightly tricky alteration! This dress is from Lindex and I got as a gift from my Dad several years ago. I always loved the color and dots, but it used to have ruffles along the neckline that made it hard to wear with a cardigan without it looking weird. And in Norway a cardigan is usually a must...  My first plan was to cut the ruffles off, but in the end I did an even more simple thing: I just folded the ruffles in and hid them, and sew a seam to keep them there. A bit hard to describe, but anyway. A bit off the ruffles can still be seen over the shoulders, but I think that just makes it cuter. Anyway, I'm really pleased with this and I think I'll use this dress a lot this summer!

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