Saturday, 1 June 2013

the backyard reveal!

I finally got before and after pictures of the backyard! The whole make-over project consisted of three parts. 1: paint the fence. 2: paint the concrete wall under the fence. 3: build a deck.
Let's start with a "during"picture. I'm so happy to have a dad that came all the way from Sweden to help with this project. Here we are, him building the frame for the deck and me painting the ugly concrete wall that is part of the fence to our neighbour.

Here's the before and after pictures. The place wasn't half bad to begin with, I had already done some planting and cleaning, but it definitely lacked cosiness and warmth due to the rough materials. I just love the contrast with how it turned out though!





I'm still completely thrilled over this new space I have to hang out in, where I can play with my plants, have drinks with friends and just relax. It's like suddenly discovering you have a new room in your house! 

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