Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Staring at the ceiling

Yup, still got a bad back. I could work almost a full day today, but then I got too tired and achy so I went home to rest on the couch. This has been my view a lot lately. Makes me think of:

- we should really fix that hanging cable 
- and the socket is pretty ugly
- I wonder what's in those boxes?
- maybe I should re-read all if the Disc World books!
- I wonder what's above those boring ceiling boards?
- is there a cup cake left?
- I wonder which of the cats is sleeping on my foot? 

Anyway. I have my fourth chiropractor-session tomorrow and there has definitely been improvements, so I'm pretty optimistic about the back-situation in general. Just right now though, I feel a bit cranky and bored. I need to get off the couch and move around a bit so I don't get too stiff. Maybe I should check if there are any more cup cakes...

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