Sunday, 15 September 2013

Boots boots boots

I've been struggling to find a good pair of boots for YEARS now, but it seems impossible to find something I like. I don't think my requirements have been in any way exaggerated, I just wanted something reaching quite high on my leg, a bit of a heel but not difficult to walk in and in a nice brown shade. But for so many seasons now I've only found boots with either stiletto heals (doesn't work during winter in Stavanger -  here be ice!) or some kind if riding boots or biker boots that are not at all what I'm looking for. In those rare occasions when I've found something close to what I want I haven't been able to close the zipper all the way up my leg without causing major loss of blood flow to my feet. I had almost given up on finding boots for this season too, until I visited for the first time. I honestly had decided never to use that shopping-site because I think the commercial is so stupid but anyway, I guess I got too desperate (plus the free delivery was rather nice). And that's where I finally found theses beauties! They're exactly what I wanted when it comes to looks and style - plus they fit perfectly! Oh joy!

boots from Anna Field

I wouldn't have minded them bring in actual leather -this is some kind of lookalike, but at least they came at a really good price, only 499 NOK. I have to wait and see if the quality is any good, but so far, I'm in boots heaven. I can't wait for the weather to get a bit more chilly so I can start using them. I'm sure many of my dresses and skirts will look so much better paired with these!

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