Wednesday, 18 September 2013


I've had one of those days at work when time moves incredibly slow and fast at the same time, so much is going on and I end up feeling that I've done a hundred things and zero things at the same time. So that's nothing I want to dwell about any more, tomorrow is another day and so on,  instead I think we should focus on drinks. Specifically this grown up ice-cream float I found at the shabby creek cottage, via Pinterest, of course.

The recipe is quite simple: put some vanilla ice-cream in a glass, add a shot of Kahlua and pour Coke all over it. Decorate with a pretty and happy straw and enjoy this sweet fizzing beverage in the couch with your cats! Don't let them taste. My dear A got one of his own though. We both kind of thought it was a bit on the sweet side (big surprise there) and that the best part was when the ice-cream had melted completely and blended with the rest. 

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