Wednesday, 25 September 2013

London day 2: the day I tried to fly and then went shopping

Early on Sunday morning A and I took the tube (after a sturdy full English hotel-breakfast, of course) to the docks in east London. This is where my most action-packed adventure for this weekend was to take place. When A first gave me this trip I didn't know what a JetLev was, but he showed me a video on YouTube and after that I was really thrilled that I was going to get to try it! I imagined myself hoovering above the water  like Superman...

I got strapped in to the harness and the the very nice instructors told me how to handle this machine. It all seemed pretty straight forward. There. On land... Hold on to handles, lower handles slightly  to move forward, lift handles slightly  if I get to far down in the water. Lean in to the harness. Go right by lowering right handle - slightly, and so on...

Flying this thing - though I wont go as far as saying I flew it - was an exhilarating and terrifying experience all at once. I was so scared. But it was really cool too! I actually chickened out and didn't go on for as long as I could have, but I would recommend it for anyone brave!

This is NOT me
Mr A in Docklands
To calm down a bit after this adrenaline packed event we went to our favourite bookstore, Waterstones, by Picailly Circus.We always go back to this 5 (?) story store when we are in London, and we always leave with far more books than we had planned to buy. This time I found a least one treasure (the 4th and last book of Buffy season 8, that I've been looking for) and some hopefully great Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Reading Doctor Who, I wonder if that will be any good?

I also did some clothes shopping and then went browsing at Orla Kiely and wanted pretty much everything they sold... I adore that store. 

We were pretty tired after starting the day early and running around all over London, so that evening we just ordered room-service and watched Inspector Morse all night. What can i say, I like to relax...

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