Wednesday, 25 September 2013

London day 3: the day I cleaned out the giraffe's stables and had a lemur on my lap

So, the last and final day of my amazing birthday-present-London-gift-trip I was actually working. My dear A know me very well and realizes that even though I enjoy being an architect, if any zoo would hire me I's probably take the job without hesitation. I could never work in the healthcare system - too much responsibility - but taking care of animals is just wonderful. That's why the "Keeper for a day"- experience at London Zoo suited me just perfectly. I got to spend my day - from nine to four - behind the scenes at this great place, trying out various activities that a zoo-keeper get to do on a daily basis. We were a group of 5 people, me and A included, and we were hosted by the very sweet zoo-keeper Karen. She taught us a lot about all the animals and gave us cake. Prepare for an overflow of happy pictures of a messy Magpie and tons of blurry animals.

We started with cleaning out the giraffe's stables. More fun than you'd expect! Plus we had a spectator... or a quality inspection?

And then we got to feed them.

Then there were some pigs that needed food too. So we (a group of 5 people) prepared about 30 kg of fruit and vegs for them. 

Then we got to say hullo to this fellow, Rocky the Rockhopper, and the other penguins, while cleaning at the penguins' beach.
Rocky the Rockhopper

The butterfly-house was filled with beautiful creatures. 

Then we got to sit down with these really fast and furry guys, the coatis, related to raccoons. They were running all over our legs, with their dirty little paws and sniffing loudly for treats. Wonderful!

Hullo little monkey that tried to steal my hairband!

One of the weirdest things we got to do was to clean the nose of a giant ant-eater. This animal is one of the most dangerous animals the have at the zoo (!) because of their large sharps claws. So we didn't go in to the cage with them. To clean the nose of a Giant ant-eater you simply distract the animal by grabbing a handful of live meal-worms (uuuuaaaagh) and let the ant-eater stick their super long tongue in your hand while you wash him. This was so much more fun than it sounds, btw.

Mere cats. Cutie-pies.

My favorite event of the day was the lemurs. We were feeding them fruit, and they were sitting on our laps grabbing on to our hand. It was just so great to be that close to such an amazing animal.

Thank you, my Amazing Mr A for this wonderful weekend! I'm so lucky to have you in my life!

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