Saturday, 7 September 2013

Not OK

If you are uncomfortable flying, one of the more annoying things to happen on the plane is when the person next to you doesn't turn off their phone. Oh, they might pretend to turn it off when the air hostess asks them to, but noooo, they only just place it face down so you can't see the display. But you know it's on, and sure, maybe the hazards off the signals disturbing the planes system is exaggerated, but maybe not! You are pretty damned sure that the person next to you can't be sure! How come some people just can't do as they are told, or follow simple rules? Like wearing a seat belt, for example. It's not even like you're doing it for someone else's sake, it's for their own safety! It's like theses people think that someone came up with these rules or laws to mess with them, or control them, or make fun of them.
Anyway. I went to Oslo yesterday, for work. It was ok.

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