Thursday, 31 October 2013

breakfast cup-cakes

Breakfast is an interesting thing. For me it's very much ether or. Wither I eat a great breakfast, or I don't eat anything at all in the morning. Plus, once I've found a good breakfast routine I can't break it. I mean, I have to eat the exact same thing - with only small variations - everyday, or I just don't eat anything. Over the years my standard breakfast has varied from bran-flakes with milk an blueberry jam (and then only blueberry-jam, nothing else worked) to yogurt with banana, nuts and honey for example. Right now it has to be a smoothie and a breakfast muffin. Plus tea. But I have been kind of bad in the mornings lately so now it's time to get a grip again. That's why I made a new batch of breakfast-muffins yesterday! 

I've made this so many times now so I don't really use a recipe any more, my tip is just to find a basic recipe so you get the important stuff right, like the amount of dry ingredients in relation to the wet ones. 

To make my muffins more breakfast-appropriate I always exchange some of the flour with oatmeal and add some kind of nuts. I also often add flax-seed. I replace the sugar with honey and usually don't add any butter or oil. This time I made 6 muffins with banana and peanut-butter, and 6 with applesauce and cinnamon. Yum yum...

I freeze most of them and then just take one out to unfreeze every evening. Combined with fennel-tea and a kiwi/mango/banana-smoothie and it might be the best and healthiest breakfast so far. Feel free to copy me.

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