Sunday, 27 October 2013

Carpet hunting

I've been on the look out for a new carpet for the living room a while now. The one we have now is nice, but have some parts that are very light and since this is a place where we eat and where the cats hang out a lot we need something where stains and cat-hair isn't so visible. On Saturday I went with T to Bolia, and here's some of the ones I saw there that I liked.

This speckled white and grey would probably go really well with our couch - it is pretty much the same textile that the couch on this picture is , juts a bit darker. Plus it goes with every other colour.

Too light, I know, but I like this structure and that coffee table...
Dark blue with a hint of black could look good with our blue walls but might be a bit too much... All in all I love this combination of color! The coffee table is actually a light blue.
The red is completely wrong for this room but in another color this could be fun! I like the pattern...

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