Monday, 28 October 2013

good things and bad things

I read a quote somewhere (probably on pinterest, where all my new knowledge comes from these days) "don't let a bad day make you think you have a bad life". I am bad at thinking about the good things in life and good at thinking about the bad things. I've been feeling down lately and when I really really think about it I actually don't have valid reason for feeling like this. I've been stressed about work, focusing on how much I have to do and especially on the things where I don't feel a hundred percent in control, or where something hasn't turned out exactly how I expected or wanted it to turn out. But. What I should be focusing on is that I get a lot of work because I'm pretty good at what I do, and I should definitely think more about all of the things that turn out how I did want them to turn out. Besides, work isn't everything and I should concentrate on all the great things in my life, like my love A, the cats, Saturdays, Christmas, chocolate...

Anyway, I have a tendency to magnify things that makes me feel bad, so I need to start practicing on seeing the good stuff I have going for me. So from today I'm going to start with a new Monday-tradition, naming three positives about this day:

1. I drove to two meetings today even though I hate driving because it makes me nervous but all went well and I felt good about it.
2. I ordered the second part of season 7 of Doctor Who, so soon I'll get a gift from myself
3. After work I had milk and a cookie, watched an episode of New Girl and then fell asleep with both cats on the couch. Pretty standard afternoon, but how lucky am I to get to do that?

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