Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Kitchen details

The kitchen might be one of the hardest rooms in our to photograph. This has three reasons:
1 bad natural light and very yellow artificial light
2. it's a narrow room, so it's hard to find a good angle
3 it's often the messiest room in the house
Anyway, here are some details of this room, where to color-scheme goes in medium grey, white, mint green and oiled oak.
I've recently realized that I hoard tea-towels. This is my newest one, from Lagerhaus. I always buy new tea-towels there when I'm in Sweden, they have such pretty patterns...
The mint-chevron wall! And a re-styled thrifted print
Useful things in our coffee bar: extra large straws for smoothies, sweeteners and sugar crystals

White thrifted vase that I've spray-painted with gold and a porcelain jar from when I was a child

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