Friday, 18 October 2013

Recharge weekend and Pan's Labyrinth

This is the first weekend in a month that I am completely without plans. No traveling, no visitors, no life changing events. So I'm going to use these days as best as I know how. I'm going to sleep a lot, cuddle with the cats, do some laundry and possibly unpack. I need this weekend to get back on track, I've felt kind of out of sync for a long time!

So far I've started me recharge-weekend with an evening in the couch. I watched Pan's Labyrinth, a really creepy movie by Mexican director Guillermo del Toro. This is by far the creepiest of the movies by him that I've seen, but it's also really good and this is the second time I saw it. It is an interesting mix of Second World War Spain and pure fantasy. It also includes one of the scariest humanoid monsters in movie-history, by my account, and it is surprisingly violent. 
I'm also a fan of del Toro's Hellboy movies, and this gave me the inspiration to see them again soon... I haven't seen his newest, Pacific Rim yet, and those I know who's seen it hasn't been thrilled but, well, I think I have to give it a chance. 

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