Friday, 4 October 2013

World Animal Day

Happy World Animal Day!
I guess you know by now that I love animals. Almost every kind of animal, in fact, though I prefer those with four legs, no more no less. And fur is good too. But all in all, I don't mind either snakes or spiders very much as long as they don't catch me by surprise. Octopus (-es? -y? Octopie?) on the other hand, I do not approve off. They are my arch nemesis (-es? -y?, plural is hard today...) and I don't want to even look at them.
But I digress. Today is World Animal Day and we should celebrate animal-life in all it's forms. Except octopuses. So don't forget to hug your pet a bit extra, or sing for a songbird, or give money to a organization saving polar bears. 

Ooo, and I think it's Kanelbullens dag today as well, don't forget to celebrate that too.

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