Friday, 1 November 2013

Christmas shopping

OK, so this topic might seem a bit out of place, since it's only the first of November, but bear with me...
I have a couple of people in my family that are basically impossible when it comes to finding the perfect gift for them. This is people who have everything they want and if they do want something they usually just buy it for themselves. You know who you are! Anyway. This is why it is important to start early if I want to find something special, and since I really like gift-hunting I really don't mind. And the most unique gifts are found on the internet. Especially if you live in a city like Stavanger, that isn't very big, doesn't have many exotic shops and in addition to that is really expensive. So yesterday I did some Christmas-shopping online and now I want to share some tips if there are other people struggling with the same thing I do:

Save the Children Sweden - Designshop
If you find a gift here you haven't only got nice gift for a loved one, you help children all over the world! They have design items of all kinds, and in all price ranges. Great! ( If you are one of those people who know who you are, if you enter this page you might see things that I have bought for you, so don't)

This is paradise if you want to fins that unique gift for someone. This is a collection of small web-shops with hand-made or vintage items, and you can find really strange and beautiful things here if you brows around for a while. I've been shopping here for years from many different shops and I've only had problems once with an item that didn't show up (I'm still waiting). Be sure to order in good time since many of these things take a long time to be produced and then shipped (another good reason to start already in November).

Batman-ring from Etsy that my friend F gave me

Necklace from Britta Manger via Etsy

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