Thursday, 21 November 2013

Everyday-style challenge

OK, so I guess most people have stuff they don't think look good when it comes to clothes. It's not strange, it's a question about taste and what you feel you look good in. But I have decided to challenge some of my own prejudices, to test if they really look as bad as I imagine they do. Most of these things I don't mind on other people, it's only when it comes to myself that I have decided they don't work. There are a lot of clothes in my wardrobe that are just hanging there because there's some detail that makes me hesitant to use them. Because, you see, I still buy these things thinking they look good on the hanger and that I will get over my hang-ups. So I've picked five "things" I think look stupid (on me) and now I challenge myself to actually wear some of these seldom used items that I already own instead of just buying new stuff:

1. Red and pink
It's not the combination of the two, I just don't think I look good in any of these colors. I mostly wear black, grey, green or blue.

2. Wearing glasses and earrings at the same time
Silly huh? I just can't! I guess it's because my glasses are kind of big and I don't like mixing accessories of different material and color, so as long as my earrings are not black plastic I very rarely wear stuff in my ears. It just too much. It might be that I'm compensating for being 18 and always over-accessorizing, too...

3. See-though blouses (or see-though anythings)
I can't stand them! It's so annoying and looks so busy to have to wear an additional top underneath just so I wont show my bra. Because I'm not going to show my bra. Period.

4. Shorts with tights
This looks good on others, I just can't see myself in them. Too short and bare. And this is strange because I wear skirts a lot and they can show off a bit of leg. But not too short skirts... I'm not sixteen anymore...

5. Mixing patterns
I wear patterns. Just not with other patterns. And I always wear a patterned item together woth something plane in the same color as one of the colors in the pattern.

Sooo, anyone else have the same hang-ups? Let's see if I can't work with mine. I kind of look forward too it!

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