Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Granit is one of my favorite stores in Sweden. They sell, well, mostly they sell boxes and stuff for storage and organisation, but  they also sell calendars, napkins, some clothes, note books, laundry baskets, stuff for your garden, lamps, and just a little bit of everything for your home. And it's all typically grey or black or made of concrete or card board. And it's great. Trust me. When we went to Stockholm this weekend I had to spend some time in one of their shops and this is the only store where I got inspired to actually do some Christmas decoration in the house this year. I love how they use green, white, grey and brass in their Christmas window, and that's what I want to use this year too, to Chrismasify the house. No red.
Of course I couldn't buy everything that I wanted, partly because I'm not made of money and partly because it would have been hard to transport back home to Norway, but I did get away with some small stuff. 

My purchases: mini-light stand, Christmas-tree ball, count-down-to-Christmas-candle and a tea towel. Kind of monochrome now that I look like it like this...

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