Monday, 18 November 2013

Monday the 18th of November

Another Monday Top Three post! I had a long day at work today, but I felt pretty rested when I woke up, and I still have a lot of energy so this lazy weekend with a lot of sleep must have done what it was supposed to. Here's the three best things about this Monday:

1. Getting mail! I ordered some stuff from Etsy that arrived today and I got a lift from my friend and colleague H to the post office and just got there in time to get the packages. Yay, gifts for myself!

2. Planning the weekend. I'm going to Gothenburg to hang with some of my oldest and best-est friends. Spa and champagne!

3. Easy dinner. A made a lovely pasta-gratin yesterday and I could just pop some leftovers in the microwave after work an eat directly when I came home today. And that was fabulous since I didn't have time to eat lunch at work and I was really hungy...

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