Monday, 18 November 2013

Re-designing a footstool

I've had this IKEA footstool, or pouf or whatever you call it since my first student apartment, ten years ago or so. It was red then, matching an IKEA lounge chair that I brought from my room at my parents house. Over the years I (or rather my dad who is really great at sewing) changed the fabric of it once. That time I had ordered a new cover (Dusty Rose) for the lounge chair from  Bemz and ordered some extra fabric for the stool. Now we have given the lounge chair to T, but we still needed a footstool for the Lamino chair next to the fireplace. Since the fabric of the Lamino and the old footstool didn't match at all I've been looking for a replacement for a while now, preferably something in the same style as the chair. Unfortunately it's pretty hard to find something that matches, so until I do I decided to give the old one a new look. I had a couple of different thoughts - sheep skin, something knitted... In the end I decided to go to Fretex and see if I could find anything inspiring. And I came home with (among other things) and old woolen coat! And then there was a scissor and a sewing machine....

Honestly, I'm not super excited over the result. It's better then before, but I should have measured a bit better and taken more time in construction this thing. But I'm always inpatient, and as for a temporary solution it is good. I left some of the details of the coat, and I thought it turned out kind of cute. Hugo approves.

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