Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Things to do - and stuff to eat - in Stockholm

First: I'm not in anyway an expert when it comes to Stockholm. I go there a couple of times a year to visit friends and family but I have never lived there myself. That said, this time I had actually done quite a lot of research and preparations since the trip was a gift for A's 30 birthday, and many of the things we did was really nice so I want to share a couple of them with you guys. And maybe give you some ideas what to do if you plan to visit.

Gamla Stan

Eat dinner at Djuret
This restaurant in Gamla Stan isn't something I would recommend to a vegetarian, as you might have guessed if you know Swedish. Djuret means "the animal". They focus on one type of animal at a time - according to season - and the food is rustic and hearty. We ate a three course meal based on goose and I really liked both the food and the atmosphere.

Try Food Tours Stockholm
Want to try as many restaurants as possible in a short amount of time? Try going on a Food Tour! We went with a group of eight other people we had never met before and two guides on a walking tour that featured the best restaurants of Söder in Stockholm. I took about four hours and we visited seven restaurants... We tried for example the best dumplings ever at Fang Yuan Shi Wu, lovely fresh ceviche at Peruan Tumi and tasty Swedish cheeses at Urban Deli. We actually missed the eight place because we had another appointment, but even so this was a fantastic experience. I definitely recommend doing it. I'm going to try their other tour the next time...

Live at Rica Hotel Gamla Stan
This time we lived at this small hotel in the middle of Gamla Stan. Very central, very cozy and very calm. Classic furniture, heavy drapes and kings in golden frames on the walls. What more can you ask for? Oh yeah, apparently it's the included breakfast buffet is developed in collaboration with the Swedish national chef-team. Yum.

Eat brunch in Kaknästornet
The Kaknäs tower is a 155 meter high telecommunication-tower with an observation deck and restaurant. We tried their brunch on a Sunday and it was a really pleasant experience. We tried pretty much everything on their generous buffet along with our mimosas and enjoyed the foggy view. Recommended!

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