Thursday, 28 November 2013

Three Thursday surprises

I realized that I forgot to write a Monday Top Three post this week. So I'm doing it today instead, for two reasons: The first is that today was a day where focusing on the good stuff seems important, and the second reason is that three pretty nice things happened. Within half an hour! Things that made a stressful day way better:

1. The dentist. Hey, you didn't see that coming did ya!? Well I had an appointment because I've had this pain in a tooth for a while now (like a year or so), and when I got there the dentist told me it was because the last filling I got was a bit too high so he filed it down and told me it was all for free!! And I think the pain is gone too! That's GREAT!

2. Doctor Who. Not so surprising... But remember when I told you I had ordered the second part of season 7 from the local sci-fi and fantasy store Outland? Well I hadn't heard for them, so on my way home from the dentist I went in and checked, and they still hadn't received it but instead they sold me the entire Season 7 for the same price just because I had waited so long! Even GREATER!!

3. Soda! So here I am, walking home imagining how nice it will be to crawl up in the couch with my new Doctor Who DVD and decide to stop by at Deli deLuca to buy my favorite cookie to make things even nicer. And in there I found the Swedish Christmas-beverage Julmust, that i havn't seen anywhere else in Stavanger. Win, win and WIN!

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