Tuesday, 3 December 2013

December 3rd: What I want for Christmas

This is my wishlist for the Christmas 2013! I'm posting it here as my contribution for today's post in Emily Dahl's blog-advent calendar: "Share what's on you wishlist." Plus it's good that now it's easily accessible for the people who are actually trying to find out what to get for me... More inspiration can be found on my wishlist-board on Pinterest, of course... Enjoy!


  • External flash for my Nicon 
  • Gift certificate on iTunes. I buy my audio books from iTunes or Audible. Since I listen to about one a week and they cost a pretty penny, a gift certificate for one of them would come in handy. I'm addicted to audio books..
  • Make up: The perfect mascara. With a pretty thin brush.
  • Flowers

Stuff to do:

  • Personal shopping with Elsa Billgren.  Shopping for vintage clothes with Swedish vintage-expert Elsa in Stockholm has been a dream of mine since she started up that part of her company. I think she's great and shopping second hand is something I wish I could do more (not easy in Stavanger).
  • Photography-course. Actually I've already gotten a photography course from my brother as a gift once, and it was so much fun and such a great and thoughtful gift! That course focused on composition and finding the right objects, but now I wish I could learn more about light, the settings of my camera and how to actually take pictures with high quality.
  • A class in graphic-print-making, or any other kind of art-class, really.
  • Some sessions with a personal trainer. Yep, I need a kick-start.
  • A day at an amusement park. Anywhere. 

To my mailbox with love:

I also want this dress, please. 

Dress: ShopRuche

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