Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Everyday-style challenge: Mixing patterns

I'm boldly jumping from the first to the fifth of my personal everyday-style challenge project, where I try to wear more of the stuff in my wardrobe instead of buying new things as soon as I'm bored. It's actually rather fun to rediscover items and try to change how I look at the things I already own, figuring out new ways to wear the different pieces together. The experiments aren't always successful, but today I felt pretty good about the result. I choose to mix two patterns that are rather different in style but of the same color-family, so to speak. it turned out pretty well, if I might say so myself. Plus the cat helps. And the bird necklace.

Both skirt, belt and cardigan are old favorites from H&M, tight from Indiska, braid-curls in my hair, and the cat is Hugo