Monday, 9 December 2013

gingerbread-Tardis 2.0

I'm not even going to link back to my first attempt at portraying this iconic structure/ship/box but instead I'm going to focus on the here and now and just conclude that "if at first you don't succeed..." and so on. On my second try I did actually have a picture of the Tardis near by, on my phone, so at least I manage to get closer when it comes to the actual shape. The color is a diferent story,  because this time I experimented, mixed and tested and even so, the best I came up with was the exact same nuance of baby blue that I got the first time. Oh well. At least I think people can actually tell what I was aiming for here, and not just seeing a pool-colored outhouse.

And yes, I know it kind of looks like it says "police boy" instead of "police box" but hey, nobody likes a smart ass.

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