Monday, 9 December 2013

Monday, again

So, it's Monday and there's nothing we can do about it. I'm choosing, once again, to try to look at this the least joyful day of the week in the best light possible, by listing the top three events of the day.

1. The cats. Always the cats. Burying my nose in Crickets fur and staring deeply into Hugo eyes. That's therapy right there, you know. Everyone should have a cat, or two.

2. Wrapping Christmas-gifts! A bit early I know, but I always wait until it's too late and I actually rather like taking my time and making the gifts pretty so, this year I'm changing my tactics. Plus, now I'm going to forget what's in the packages so it will be a surprise for me too, double the fun!!!

3. Listening to the podcast made by Karin&Sara. These are two marvelous women, I tell you. I listened while I was wrapping my gifts, and then continued to listen while I was doodling a bit, and made a portrait of the two, that's how inspired I got. And it definitely lifted my Monday spirits. If you are ever bored, start following this podcast. In Swedish, though.

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