Monday, 16 December 2013

the last real Monday of 2013

I just realized that there's only two Mondays left of 2013 and I wont be working on any of them! But I didn't really work today either, I went home before lunch because I'm sick. I have a cold. But I will not be put down, I'll still present the 3 best things about his Monday

1. Kleenex. After blowing your nose in a full roll of toilet paper a smooth and soft Kleenex-tissue is a treasure, like a early Christmas gift for the nose.

2. A's iPad. I'm not sure if he left it at home on purpose or if he just forgot to bring it to work, but an iPad with Netflix on is your best friend when you have to spend time in bed but sneeze to much to be able to fall asleep.

3. Hearing a tiny sigh somewhere in the room, turning around and finding Hugo sleeping half a meter away from me on the floor. That little noise, it's so cute!

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