Thursday, 23 January 2014

Fancy food, SSO & Veronica Maggio

So tonight I've had a date night with the girls. We went to the new concert house and saw the collaboration between Swedish artist Veronica Maggio and the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra. And before that we had a lovely three course dinner at the concert house restaurant. That's what I call a good way to spend a Thursday night!

I've actually not listened a lot to Veronica Maggio, but I've always liked her. For me she falls in to the same category a another Swedish icon Håkan Hellström, with songs about breakups and kisses, how it feels like being 17 and not really knowing what to do with your life and then crazy nights that you will remember forever. Oh, the memories...

I'm not a huge fan of sitting down at a concert, even though I guess that was suitable for a concert where a symphony orchestra is involved, but you don't really get the party-singalong-dance-vibe... Especially if you sit on the 3rd balcony, and donät know the people in the next seats. But the acoustics was fantastic! And, in general, the concert was great. Some if the arrangements were stunning, like Sergels Torg backed up with an organ. Cool. Or the finishing number Jag kommer where the (otherwise kind of passive) audience actually stood up. And of course Veronica was adorable.

E&T, this was a great idea, thanks for paying attention to these kinds of events, I would never go if it weren't for you pointing out the opportunities.

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