Sunday, 19 January 2014

Good start

A couple of grainy pictures of my Sunday morning. I woke up around nine because the cats were tired of not getting any attention. I rely on them waking me up on weekends, I don't like to sleep too late in the day, especially on a day like this when I have so many things to do. Only unimportant and small things, but still. I have a fully booked week ahead of me and I want to be as prepared as I can, therefor I plan to spend this day cleaning, cooking and taking care of myself, since I know I won't feel like doing any of that during the upcoming week. And all of those thing can be, if not fun, but at least pleasant, when you have time for them. 

Lighting a fire is such a good way of starting rhe day: it makes any gray day a thousand times more cozy, you feel like you've accomplished something, and you get immidiate results. 

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