Tuesday, 21 January 2014

How to store bags?

This isn't a "this-is-how-you-should-do-it-post: this is a honest question post. I can not be the only one to always have bags lying around in the hallway, unpacked or packed, gym-bags or handbags, just cluttering our already tiny space and making an obstacle course out of the floor. Plus they become attacked by the cats on a regular basis, so you don't want to forget something you don't want to see shredded on there. Anyone got any good ideas how to effectively but accessibly store bags, big and small? That you use a lot? Right now the majority of our bags hide in or behind the closet (!) or are hanging on the kitchen door... As long as the door is open the stuff that hangs behind it isn't a problem, and in my mind most of them are kind of pretty to look at, but I still want to find a better solution...


  1. It is a problem! My bags are hanging on hangers in the coat closet (hangers that are also hanging coats). I had them over a door but it made everything look cluttered. I've seen some interesting tutorials for closet shelf options ... and I've also stored them in plastic tubs. The bags I use all the time are hanging on little hooks on my entry shelf.

  2. Good ideas, there... Maybe I could pair coats and bags on the same hanger so I always have a matching set when i head out! I already do that with scarves. Thanks for the inspiration! :)