Monday, 27 January 2014

Monday 27th of January

Hôla amigos!

Today I'm in a surprisingly good mood for being a Monday. The major reason? Number 1 on my Monday Top Three list fro this week:

1. Trying new things! One of my New-year's-Resolutions for this year was "to something new", and tonight I did! Me and my friend E went dancing, specifically to a beginners class in Lindy Hop! And it was so much fun! Definitely a good way to start a new and windy week in January..
2. My pretty pretty nails. A gift from the same E, cat-nail-stickers have been making me smile everytime I catch a glimpse of my hands all day.
3. leftovers! I thought I would have to cook something, but then I found some tasty leftover-food in the fridge so now all I have to do i nuke and enjoy.

Happy Monday!

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