Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Moon-wall, inspiration from ABM

As I was saying in my hallway wall post, I'm considering doing something creative with one of the walls in our bedroom. I'm not sure what yet, I've been thinking wallpaper, fabric, paint or just to go crazy with some freehand drawing. And then I saw this post over at A Beautiful Mess, one of the most inspiring blogs out there, and feel in love with their idea.

image source A Beautiful Mess
Now, the wall in question - it's behind our bed -  isn't as big as this one (see the wall here) but it continues into this sloping ceiling that is just plain and white and boring. How nice wouldn't bee to fall asleep and wake up to a moon just above your head? I've pitched this idea for A, and he gave me his approval, as long as I would do a proper, well made moon.With the rest of the coloring in our room I think I would go for a silver or gray moon, even though I love the golden original. I'm still not sure I will do this, it might just be too complicated in the end, but if no, I'm saving this idea for a wall in any future home, because I think it's brilliant.


  1. Ohh, elsker den! Takk for tipset, jeg er også på jakt etter noe å gjøre på soverommet, for nå er det forferdelig! Ser for meg en fin blålig farge og gull eller sølv måne. Nå ble jeg litt gira :)

  2. Jag vet! Den är über-cool! :D